Aggie Global Donates to NSW Disaster Relief Fund to Support Flood Affected Farmers

Co-founder, Director, CEO. - Aggie Global

In April Aggie Global will be donating 10% of our revenue to the NSW Disaster Relief Fund.

Living in the Hornsby area, Lisa and Zoe have a lot of friends and family living along the Hawkesbury river. Like many people, we saw first hand the affects of the floods in March. Although we all want to chip in with a helping hand, sometimes it wasn’t always possible.

To help out with the flood recovery, we wanted to extend our reach beyond our current network. That’s how we come up with the idea of donating some of our revenue to a cause helping farmers recover from the floods. This way we can also help farmers up in Taree and other area’s outside of Hornsby’s surrounding areas, that were also heavily impacted by the floods.

If you want to help us and our farmers out, buy one of our gift boxes, or some of our individual Aussie products, so we can donate more to the Disaster Relief fund.

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