For your next event, have you considered a hybrid event?

Business Owner / Director - Redbellyblack.Pty Ltd

2020 has forever changed the way that we will think about organised events and rightly so.  From the start of the internet to now some 28 years on it took a pandemic for us to move forward enough to consider online conferences as the normal thing. Before you plan your next event consider all the people who, either may not be able to attend your event live for whatever reason, and there are now many,  or would prefer just to see it online. Yes there are many who love the virtual side of life and many more that love on demand, doing it when they feel like.

So what does this mean for your events? Well to put it plainly for the cost of adding a camera or 2 to each room and streaming the event online and recording, you open your capabilities to a world market of interest. For a few measly dollars to virtually watch your event online, either live and as on demand, you maybe able to interest thousands in your event world wide and without being greedy achieve a profitable event. This can be a very hard target for evets relying on just attendee’s.

This also allows a broader market for achieving sponsorship for your events with the online advertising and marketing. This also allows the consideration of bringing in presenters and exhibitors virtually to the live event. With a little planning , some virtual thinking and some online resources you could easily create large multi-day, multi-room events. These can serve a smaller live local market and achieve a large online attendance, reaping the benefits of a live feel with many more attending for realistically a 10th of the cost of running an international conference from Sydney’s ICC.  This would end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for the organisers and a fair amount for each attendee especially those traveling from abroad.

So next time your consider organising an event keep in mind the cheaper alternatives of online virtual conferencing to run beside your live event and please consider the smaller local venues for your hybrid events.


David Baker

Business Owner / Director - Redbellyblack.Pty Ltd

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