All about rain gardens

Principal and Landscape designer - Earth Matters Consulting

A lot of councils have been asking for a rain garden to be part of the landscape/garden.

While for some it is just a notional gesture, we take it as a big opportunity to do the following:
-Use it as a bio-filteration system
-Bring in bio-diversity
-A feature

The rain garden doesn’t have to be rectilinear; some councils have information on how to construct a rain garden and it is invariably shown as a rectilinear element. It is very interesting to show clients the ‘other’ ways of doing it and integrate it as part of the design, making it more acceptable.

Sandhya Sunil

Principal and Landscape designer - Earth Matters Consulting

I am a qualified landscape designer with a degree in architecture. I have my design consultancy Earth Matters Consulting that offers garden/landscape design service. I also prepare drawings/documents for council approval be it DA, CDC,CC, SEE or landscape certification. I can undertake design and installation projects or just design and supervise.
At Earth Matters Consulting, the core theory is towards an environmentally sensitive design. We are also deeply interested in therapeutic, sensory gardens.
We work with clients to resolve their garden issues and take great pride in the level of detail that caters to their vision and budget. Irrespective of the scale of the project, we invest the same attention and responsibility to achieve the desired outcome.

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