3 BIG marketing tips for your business in 10 minutes

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3 BIG marketing tips for your business in 10 minutes

By Debbie Bradley, Founder, LEODIS Marketing & PR


Want to get some top tips and tricks on how to promote your business and do impactful digital networking? Here’s my quick-fire marketing tips for businesses in honour of the NSW Small Business Month. #NSWsmallbiz20

1. Create marketing promotions that connection with your audience!

I regularly hear from businesses that they are investing lots of time and money into their marketing activities across their websites, social media and email marketing, but it isn’t necessarily working.

My recommendation when this happens is that you stop what you’re doing, re-set and start from the beginning with marketing strategy, which means to look again at your promotional messaging and audience analysis – BEFORE you think about the marketing channels.

So, let’s do a simple test – and think about your business or product messages as you do this.

Take an object off your desk – it can be anything – now think about how you would sell it!

I have a mug and it’s a Leeds United one!

So, if I was using sales messages – I would explain what it is:

– Buy my mug

– It’s great and it holds hot drinks

However, there are a lot of mugs out there to buy, so how do you differentiate and also engage your audience. Well I start to sell my mug (products) using language that is benefit and audience focused. Let’s try again…

– Buy my mug

– The extra thickness of the porcelain will keep your morning cuppa nice and hot, but also not burn your hands like those thin ones! And when you’re drinking your tea on your zoom meeting you can show off that you support that amazing football club from Leeds – making you warm and fuzzy on the inside and out!

Ok, it’s a bit exaggerated – but you see my point – I’m using language, story, selling points for my product to connect with the needs and desires of my audience so they will buy my product! It’s much more powerful!

So, try it with your object at your desk and this will be a reminder every time to think about how you promote your own business, personal brand or products and services.

Finally, sense check if your business is creating audience driven marketing promotions!

2. Quick fire marketing tips for your marketing channels

Now you’ve got your messaging right, how can you promote your business better through your marketing channels?

  • Create a simple website – you need a digital presence, but, keep it simple. A modern, mobile friendly one-pager with a quick call to action might do the job
  • – Get customer testimonials and case studies – this is other people selling your business and much more powerful to convince your customers to buy from you
  • – Create different types of content to keep it interesting
  • – Once you have content – reduce, reuse and recycle in different ways across your marketing channels
  • – Choose one social media channel and do it well
  • Write a blog and share on platforms like Localised
  • – Ask for recommendations
  • – Create a database of clients and a database of prospects
  • – Ask your clients to join your socials
  • – Do email marketing and send special offers to engage your audience – like a FREE eBook
  • – Tap into your local community – join the Hornsby Chamber of Commerce

3. Take your networking to the next level with digital and social marketing

After your zoom or in-person meetings go to LinkedIn and connect with the people who attended

  • – Like your new connections’ business pages
  • – Find out what they do and see if there’s any genuine way you can work together!
  • – Read, share and comment on their posts
  • – Request to add them to your marketing databases
  • – Join groups on social and engage

OK and once you do all that, give yourself a big pat on the back for achieving your 3 BIG quick-fire marketing promotions.

Debbie Bradley, Founder and Director of LEODIS Marketing & PR is a no-fluff straight-talking professional with more than 20 years’ experience. If you want to chat about your marketing activities or need help, contact Debbie today: debbie@leodismarketing.com.au 

Debbie Bradley

Director, Strategist, Consultant, Copywriter, Speaker and Trainer - LEODIS Marketing & PR

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Founder, Debbie Bradley, is a straight-talking no-fluff marketing and PR professional with 20 years of experience. Passionate about engaging audiences via marketing and PR, Debbie will help organisations put the customer at the centre of their strategies to get results.

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